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Born in England in 1939, the Thoroughbred colt, Furioso was to become one of the most influential sires in modern performance horse breeding, even though he never won a single race in his 21 starts! He was as well balanced but with slightly knock kneed forelegs and tight hocks.

The authoritative De Letalon Sport Franais of 1992, remarked: he had good bone, and walked liked a Lord, with a magnificent pace, very energetic and showing a great deal of amplitude, his tail swinging at each step. His trot and gallop were good but not exceptional. Though full of life he was docile and had a good temperament.
Furioso xx, was the leading sire of winners in France from 1954-1961. His son, Lutteur B (pic below), who went on to win the 1964 Olympic individual gold for showjumping, amazed the German breeders when he appeared at the Hamburg Derby. Maas Hell, in Die Grossen Hengste Holsteins records the reaction: The Germans were again amazed at how nonchalantly Lutteur B performed on the jumping course, how he played with the distances, and how, with a long neck, he left the course as though nothing had happened.

The Germans rushed to get their share of Furioso blood. Perhaps the most influential was Furioso 11 who died in 1986 having sired 81 approved sons, 96 dams of approved sons, and progeny earnings of DM9,000,000.

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